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Juglo Seller University Coaching series is intcepted with such trainings that actually works.
Our purpose is your growth in learning that will enable you to make successful seller. These
coaching are designed to refine your skills in FBA PL as seller as well as freelancer.


Course Name  Amazon FBA PL
 Instructor Name  Mr. Okasha Hafeez
 Duration of Course  Two Months
 Communication Mode  Zooms Sessions with Recordings



S. No Detail of Topics Time Duration
1. Orientation And Introduction Session

  • Introduction to Amazon
  • Objectives
  • Amazon Business Models
  • Seller Central Walk-through
  • Amazon ID Creation And Handling
Two Hour
2. Product Validation And Selection

  • Amazon Product Hunting
  • Introduction to PH Tools
  • Introduction and understanding the data from
  • research tools
  • Advanced Product Hunting Method
  • Product Evaluation Criteria Management using
  • Data Analytic
  • Analyzing the risk factor of launching a selected
  • product through market analysis
  • How to identify gap in the market and play
  • around it during product evaluation?
  • Calculation of total initial investment
  • Category Analysis
  • Product Criteria/Standard
  • Comparing and Logical Conclusion
  • Competitor Research
  • Patent Check
Four Hours
3. Keywords And Data Analysis

  • Strategies about estimation of keyword
  • diversity, keyword relevancy, keyword dominance
  • and keyword selection
  • Art of calculation of giveaways for keywords
  • The science of design selection by analyzing
  • data
  • How to identify gap keywords?
  • How to deal with variation listings?
  • How to do social listening?
  • Keyword Research
  • Primary keywords
  • Secondary Keywords
  • Golden Keywords
Four Hours
4. Sourcing And JUGLO Warehouse FBM

  • Management
  •  1688 vs Alibaba Sourcing Key points on what
  • not to do.
  •  Packaging and Insert Card Details
  •  Why and how to do sustainable supply chain
  • management.
  •  Why JUGLO 3 PL warehouse fulfillment
  •  JUGLO Warehouse Services for inventory
  • storage and fulfillment
  •  JUGLO Fulfillment for other selling platforms
  • eBay, Etsy and Shopify
Two Hours
5. Product Listing Creation And Optimization

  • Listing Creation
  • Understanding Amazon Listing and Method/Rule
  • for Creation of
  • Title
  • Bullet Points
  • Product Description
  • Back end Search Term
  • Science of Amazon Branding and why it is
  • different
  • All the Why’s and How’s of Listing optimization
  • using case studies.
  • How to build a great listing that fulfill Amazon
  • Algorithm & Human Algorithm
  • Social Listening
  • Product Images
  • EBC/A+ Content
  • Adding Variations, Merging Listings and ASINS
  • FBA and FBM Offers on the Listing
Four Hours
6. Product Launch and Rank Session

  • What are the Pre-Requisites of a Launch?
  • The wide approach of ranking
  • Art of sustainable ranking
  • Steps of growth of an individual product after
  • ranking
  • How to define route of product launch by
  • identifying the gap
  • The science of external traffic and different
  • routes of external traffic
Four Hours
7. Advertisement & PPC

  • Advertisement on Amazon
  • PPC Setup & Management
  • Lightning Deals
  • Digital And Social Media Coupon
  • Early Reviewer Program (ERP)
  • SOP of launching a product with PPC
  • Workflow of growing PPC revenue while
  • maintaining ACOS
  • How to identify Gap spots in PPC and how to
  • take advantage?
  • The ultimate PPC optimization that get results
  • Multiple PPC techniques and their
  • implementation
Four Hours
8. Miscellaneous

  • Order Management
  • FMB Order Management
  • Shipping Plan Creation
  • Customer Support
  • Amazon Cases and Reports Handling
  • Handling A-Z Guarantee Claims
  •  Reports Generation
  • Handling Hijackers and how to get rid of
  • Hijackers from your account
  • Account Brand Registry
  • Amazon IP Accelerator Program
Two Hours