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Unlike any other region in the world, Europeans prefer shopping from locally based brands rather than giants like Amazon and eBay. The German online marketplace,, has successfully created an affable ecosystem for sellers and customers based in Germany as well as Europe. To top it off, always keeps upgrading its platform as per the European retail and selling trends. Juglo Seller University Coaching series is intcepted with such trainings that actually works. Our purpose is your growth in learning that will enable you to make successful seller. These coaching are designed to refine your skills in selling



Course Name Selling
 Instructor Name Maria Dar
 Duration of Course  Two Months
 Communication Mode  Zooms Sessions with Recordings



S. No Detail of Topics  Time Duration
 1. Orientation And Introduction Session

  • Introduction to
  • Objectives
  • Business Models
 One Hour
 2. Account Creation And Integration

  • How to make seller account on
  • What are documentation requirements?
  • How to integrate payment method
  • How to integrate API
 Two Hours
 3. Product Validation And Order Management

  • Product Research
  • Profit Calculation
  • Order Management And Processing
  • How we display orders in the tab
  • Filtering and searching for orders
  • Order sorting
  • Order value
  • Changing order statuses in bulk
  • Printing shipping labels and shipping lists
  • Exporting data
  • Marking orders with labels
 Two Hours
 4. Listing And Sales Management

  • How to Optimize the listing with Keywords
  • How to optimize titles of listing
  • How to follow trends on
  • How to calculate selling and commition fee
 Two Hours
 5.  Advertisement And listing Promotion

  • How to use Ads to promote your offers
  • How to feature your offers with Coins to draw in
  • more buyers
  • How to feature your offers with special offer badges.
  • How to enable Promotion offers of
  • Feature
  • Flexible Feature
  • Feature, Highlight and Bold in the Promo Package
  • Promoting on a category page.
  •  How to promote via bundles and discounts
 Four Hours